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Arthritis As A Trucker: Accessories That Help

While the physical demands of trucking are different from, say, the physical demands of a factory worker, the demands still can cause physical ailments. Arthritis of the spine, knees, and hips is quite common because of the constant up/down motion of getting in and out of the truck and sitting for long hours without a break. When it hurts too much to step out and then step back into your truck, you need help. These accessories are the perfect solutions.

Retractable Truck Running Boards

As a trucker, you already know that you have to step up two to four feet off the ground just to get into your cab. With arthritis in your lower body, that is as agonizing as trying to jump up to slam-dunk a basketball and then landing full force on your knees. The only difference is, you feel that with every up/down motion while on the job.

Retractable truck running boards that turn into steps are perfect. They use a motion sensor to slide down and out to create a set of steps that are much easier on your lower body. While they will not remove the pain you feel from your arthritis entirely, they can make it easier to bear.

Grab Bars Mounted Lower

Smaller grab bars mounted a little lower on the side of your truck can help too. You do not have to reach quite as high to take hold of the big grab bars mounted on the truck just behind the windows of the doors. Instead, you can grab smaller bars mounted closer to the bottoms and middles of your truck doors. When used in conjunction with the retractable running boards/stairs, getting in and out of your truck is a lot easier.

Ergonomic Seats

You may need to check with your employer if you do not own your own truck, but the trucks can be outfitted with ergonomic seats. These are seats designed to provide extra support to your spine, hips, and posture in general. When you sit in your truck for six to eighteen hours a day, that is a long time to be sitting in a seat that does not support your body's alignment. 

If your arthritis is so close to putting you on disability the rest of your life, your employer may have to comply with OSHA regulations regarding safe and supportive equipment. This means that unless an employer makes ergonomic changes to equipment, the company could be fined. Ask your employer to make changes to your truck seats so you can keep working, or, if you own your own truck, buy the ergonomic truck seats and have them installed.